Posted by Ann Charles on Feb 6, 2012

Jackrabbit Junction

Check out my new Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series! The first book in the series, Dance of the Winnebagos,

Book 1: Dance of the Winnebagos

“Don’t pick up one of Ann Charles’ mystery romances if you have other pressing engagements. Ms. Charles writes with an engaging style that is demonstrably impossible to set down. The latest example of this attack on your busy schedule is Dance of The Winnebagos. Spunky heroine Claire Morgan digs up a tangled mess of treasure, murder and just maybe the love of her life while supposedly on a mercy mission to babysit her randy old grandpa. Quirky characters, plenty of menace and skullduggery in abandoned old mines and loads of good, clean sex hustles this story briskly on its way.” ~John Klawitter, author of the prizewinning Hollywood Havoc action thriller novels.

* * *

If Claire Morgan had known she’d be chaperoning a senior citizen sock hop, she wouldn’t have given up smoking. Yet here she was stuck in Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona, with an ornery old man, his smartass dog, and a parade of blue-haired babes.

When Claire’s grandfather and his army buddies converge in the Arizona desert, it’s her thankless job to keep them out of trouble with the opposite sex. But when she finds a human leg bone and partners with a reluctant geotechnician to dig up secrets from the past, trouble finds her. She’s losing her heart. Worse, if she doesn’t stop digging, she could lose her life.

* * *

“Ann Charles delivers laugh-out-loud dialogue, unforgettable characters, and pulse-pounding suspense. DANCE OF THE WINNEBAGOS has it all! I didn’t want it to end.” ~New York Times Bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson

“The quips come fast and furious and the plot twists with more alacrity than a jackrabbit on the run from a coyote in this fast-paced humorous mystery/thriller/romance. Ann Charles proves once again she has the ability to drive us to turn the page in order to find out what’s in store for her cast of lovable, and sometimes crotchety, cast of characters.” ~Susan Schreyer, author of Death By A Dark Horse.

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21 Responses to “Jackrabbit Junction”

  1. Chelsie says:

    Hi Ann! I just had to write you to let you know how much I have enjoyed your books! I came across Dance of the Winnebagos a while back as a free book from Kindle and I have been hooked ever since. I love the way you paint a picture with your words. I can easily get lost in your stories. My husband laughs at me when I read your books because I dont pay attention to anything else at all. I cant wait for more books….that is I hope there will be more! I have recommended your books to many of my fridnds and family, I hope they all enjoy them as much as I have! Thanks for the great stories!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Chelsie,
      Thank you for reading my books and writing to me. I’m glad you enjoy my stories–we must share a sense of humor. I really appreciate you recommending my books to your friends and family, that is very cool of you. :)

      There will be plenty more books to come in both series, and some in a new series that I have plans to try over the next year. I’m currently working on the third Jackrabbit Junction book and after I finish that I’ll return to the Deadwood series and write the 5th one.

      If you are on Facebook or Twitter, I hope you’ll hook up with me there. I hang out on Facebook daily and love to get to know readers and make them long distant friends.


  2. Connie says:

    I have Jackrabbitt Junction Jitters, read it, loved it. Also have Dead Case in Deadwood, read it and loved it, Violet is so cool. When will the other Deadwood series and Jackpot Junction series become available on Nook? Myself and alot of my friends have nooks and were wondering when the rest of your series will be available on nook? We want to be able to download from B&N because if you download from amazon if you ever have to register your nook and the books aren’t bought at B&N you lose them. Plese hurry and put them on nook, I am having withdraw. We went to Deadwood two summers ago and fell in Love with the area. Thanks, you are now my favorite author. I have been telling all my friends about your books.

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Connie,
      I’m glad you enjoy both of my series. :)
      Thank you very much for telling your friends about my books. I will be putting them back on B&N as Nook books, but I’ve had multiple promo opportunities to expand my audience via Amazon Kindle Select. I’m waiting to see how things change in 2013 with Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other ebook distributors. I have a feeling the market will be mixing things up again, and then I will make my books “live” again on Barnes and Noble (they are all there still, just sort of on “pause” while I participate in Kindle Select). I’m sorry this is such a pain in the hiney for you and your friends who have Nooks. I don’t like to play this one-and-only game with distributors, but I just couldn’t get any traction with Barnes and Noble, so I switched Amazon-only to try to get visibility on their many genre lists.
      This is all probably way more than you care to know. Sorry to spill on you, but I feel bad about not being on multiple distributor platforms for more readers.
      Take care and thank you for reading my books.

  3. Tracy says:

    I read your first Deadwood book as a free book of the day on BookBub. I have since purchased the other two and the Deadwood shorts. I found this website searching for a release date on book four! I truly enjoyed reading the Deadwood series (so far)…..and have also recommended it to fellow readers. My reason for writing this is to tell you without BookBub , I wouldn’t have found these very fun and enjoyable books. They do not carry them at my local library, on mymediamall or at the used book store. These are my three go to places for books. Anyway, thank you. Life is full of so many worries, your books are just the escape I look for!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Tracy,
      I’ll have to check out BookBub. Thank you for giving my series a try and for recommending it to other readers. I really appreciate that. We’re not a big publisher, so we’re slowly and surely building our distribution network for printed books and ebooks (in libraries).
      You nailed one of the main reasons I write these stories–to give us somewhere to escape from life’s worries for a bit.
      I’m very glad you enjoy Violet and her adventures.
      Take care,

  4. Joanne says:


    I am a huge fan of your Deadwood books. We recently moved from the East Coast to the Spearfish area and I can’t wait to read more of your series. One question: do you offer the Dance of the Winnebagos in the Nook E books. I can’t seem to get it from Barnes and Noble even though your website says they have it. Please keep Violet alive along with her crazy adventures. Love it!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Joanne,
      I’m jealous that you live in Spearfish. That’s a wonderful city!
      Currently, I do not offer Dance of the Winnebagos on the Nook. But that is temporary. It will be back on the Nook (had it there in 2011). I’m participating in a bunch of Amazon promotions that required me to only place it online with them. I hated to pull it from Barnes and Noble and other ebook distributors, but it was a great opportunity to build my fan base, so I took it. I need to fix my website, apparently. I think I’ll fire my website updater (aka me, myself, and I). :)
      Thank you for reading my Deadwood series. Violet’s crazy adventures always make me grin, especially when Harvey or Doc are in the mix.
      Take care,

  5. Retha says:

    Hi Ann
    I love your books! I just finished J R J Jitters last night and am looking to see what is out there now that I haven’t read. Please keep up the great work. It gives give something to laugh about in bed at night and my husband knows its not him. Some of your scenes sounds similar to real life for me. Maybe that is why I divorced my first husband. Stay strong and keep the midnight oil burning girl!!!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Thank you for writing to me. :)
      I’m glad you get some chuckles out of my books. More than anything, I wanted to write something that would be fun to escape into after a tiring day. Those are my favorite kinds of books. My midnight oil is burning strong and I’m writing, writing, writing. I’m halfway through book #4 of the Deadwood series with a lot more fun stuff to come!
      Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement!!

  6. Mary says:

    I loved Dance and when I finished it I immediately downloaded Jitters and I’m laughing my way through it as well. I love the characters in your series. I think I have at least one relative that would match each of them. I think I will have to read your Deadwood series too. My only fear is that you can’t write as fast as I can read..Keep em coming!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hello Mary,
      You’re right, I can’t write as fast as you can read, so you’re going to have to read REALLLLYYYYY slow. ha ha. I’m glad you enjoy Claire and the old boys. I have a great time connecting with my inner old man when I write that series. :) You and me both on those relatives–I bet your family reunions are quite entertaining. Thank you for writing to tell me you enjoy my Jackrabbit books. I’m writing the 4th in my Deadwood series currently, then I look forward to getting back into the third Jackrabbit book.

      I appreciate you writing to me!

  7. Mac McCarroll says:

    When is “Jitters” supposed to be available?

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Mac,
      Good to see you here, too (and on Facebook). Jackrabbit Junction Jitters should be out in mid-July as an ebook and August as a print book. Thank you for asking. I’ll be sharing the cover for this 2nd book in the Jackrabbit series here and on Facebook as soon as it’s ready.
      Take care,

  8. Jenni says:

    I nabbed Dance of the Winnebagos for my kindle and am LOVING IT. The pacing is great, the old guys are hilarious and Claire is VERY relatable! I look forward to reading more of your books!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Jenni,
      Yay! I’m glad you are enjoying Dance. I had so much fun with those old guys. And I love the way Claire just hangs with them in spite of the crazy subjects. Thanks for giving Dance a chance!
      Take care,

  9. deb A. says:

    You should be on the best sellers list! Maybe you already have beena and this is just way behind! I’ve just finished with Dance of The Winnebago and I’m really impressed! It keeps your attention for sure a real page turner one of those can’t put it down types. A really great read! Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Diana Johnson says:

    Hi Ann,
    I’ve been trying to download Dance of the Winnebagos from Barnes & Noble to my Nook, but they say its not available – do you know why? I’m also trying to download the first Deadwood story, but again, B&N’s site is saying unavailable. I really really want to read your books, on my Nook!, do you have a clue to what might be B&N’s problem?
    I’m an anxiously awaiting new fan!

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Diana,

      I’m sorry to say that currently I’m signed up for the Kindle Select promotional program. This required me to take the books in the Kindle program off all other ebook sites, which included B&N. Currently, I have just book 3 in the Deadwood series on the Nook. I will probably keep Dance of the Winnebagos and Nearly Departed in Deadwood on the Select program for another 90 days because of the promo events I’m signed up for this spring. I apologize for this inconvenience. In the meantime, if you don’t mind reading books on your computer (or downloaded and then printed), Kindle has apps for your computer/phone and you could download them at their current low price of 99 cents and 2.99. If you’d rather wait for the Nook versions to come back, I understand. I hated to pull the books, but the promo opportunity was hard to resist.

      Thank you for writing me.


  11. Brianne says:

    I finished the Deadwood books in under a week. And just finished the first Jackrabbit Junction book. Loved them all! Ann Charles has a fabulous style of writing, very witty and funny! She is definitely a new favorite author of mine. Any books, from either series, coming out soon? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hello Brianne,

      Thank you for stopping by and for giving all of my books a try. I’m very happy that you liked each one enough to try the next. Cool!

      As for my other books coming out soon, the ebook version of Book 3 in the Deadwood series, “Dead Case in Deadwood,” will be availalbe in March. The printed version comes out in April. This summer, the 2nd book in the Jackrabbit series is coming out, it’s called “Jackrabbit Junction Jitters.”

      If you feel like leaving a review over on Amazon for any of the three books, I’d be very grateful. I need all of the review help I can get to convince other readers to give my books a try. Don’t feel pressured, though. I truly appreciate you writing to tell me you enjoyed the books!


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