Posted by Ann Charles on Oct 16, 2013

Happy October-and-a-Half!

Wow! We’re already halfway through October and I haven’t sent you any news on the fun stuff going on over here in Ann Charles’ Neighborhood … until now.

To catch you up, I’m cruising along on the third Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series book, THE GREAT JACKALOPE STAMPEDE. The goal is to finish with the first draft in early November and have the final ebook version available on multiple sales platforms (Amazon, B &N, Kobo, and iStore) by early January 2014.

So far, the first draft readers are having a fun time getting to know Claire’s older sister, Ronnie. As usual, Claire (and Ronnie, Mac, and Kate) are stirring up more trouble and laughter down in the desert. I look forward to sharing the cover of this soon-to-be-released book next month with more original art from my brother, C.S. Kunkle, and my talented graphic artist, Sharon Benton.

Deadwood Shorts in Print!

A couple of months ago, Amazon’s printed book division (CreateSpace) contacted me and asked if I’d like to work with them on getting my two “Deadwood Shorts” short stories available in print. I took them up on their offer and low and behold, Deadwood Shorts is now available on Amazon for those of you who like to hold books in your hands. It will be distributed to other vendors, such as Barnes & Noble (online print book sales) in the next few months.

Deadwood Shorts in Print

This 80+ page book has all of the contents from both “Seeing Trouble” and “Boot Points.” All of the images included are in color, just as they were in the ebook format. For those of you who buy a printed copy of this book, I would be happy to mail you an autographed book plate if you email me at with the name to which you would like me to sign the book and an address where I should send the book plate. What is a book plate, you ask? It’s a sticker that I sign/personalize for you and then send to you to stick inside the cover of your book. Below is a slightly blurry picture of it (or maybe I’ve just been drinking too much caffeine lately).

book plate2

Book Signing at the Emerald City Writers Conference on October 19th (4:30 to 6:00 p.m.)

I will be heading to the Emerald City Writers Conference this coming weekend to give several workshops on writing and marketing. I am also participating in a 100+ author book signing on October 19th from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Here is the link for the book signing if any of you live close to Bellevue, Washington and are interested in coming to buy some books and get them autographed from some of these authors:

I’d love to see you there if you can make it!

Autographed Poster Contest ~ Ann Charles Book Club Transylvania Chapter ~

With Halloween just around the corner here in the U.S., I thought I’d have another poster contest with a monster theme. To enter the drawing to win the autographed Transylvania Chapter poster from the NW Ohio Book Signing Tour this last summer, visit: To be entered into the drawing, name the book displayed on the easel in the poster under the Post a Comment section (below the picture of the Autographed Poster in the contest blog post).

The drawing for two winners will be held November 1, 2013.

Monster Bookclub colorized FINAL small

Wrap Up

I hope you all are enjoying the start of fall, whether it has brought you rain, snow, sunshine, or crazy witches on flying brooms. As for me, I’m going to get back to work writing the final ten chapters of THE GREAT JACKALOPE STAMPEDE.

Until next time, try to stay out of trouble!

♥ Ann

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20 Responses to “Happy October-and-a-Half!”

  1. Beth dawson says:

    I have read all your wanna ago books and anxious for the next one keep up the great books

  2. Lydia Lynch says:

    Better Off Dead in Deadwood!!!

  3. Cathy Curtis says:

    Better Off Dead in Deadwood!!!!!!!

  4. D. Smithwick says:

    Better Off Dead In Deadwood. :-)

  5. Bob Thomason says:

    Hi Ann.
    Love the poster. The book is Better Off Dead in Deadwood.
    Have enjoyed both series so far.


  6. Denise Keef says:

    Better Off Dead In Deadwood! Love the poster!

  7. Karen Hudson says:

    Better off Dead in Deadwood…great book then again they all are!

  8. Barbara Guy says:

    Better Off Dead In Deadwood

  9. Pat says:

    Better off Wed (cross that off! LOL) “Better Off Dead In Deadwood!”

  10. Debbie Rhoades says:

    Better Off Dead in Deadwood!

  11. Cyndi Richardson says:

    Ann, I can’t wait for January to come…why do you ask…I need a Jackrabbit Junction fix bad…it has been a long time since I have read one…so you better hurry up and get it done just for me…I sure do love your writing…:)

  12. Heather Chargualaf says:

    Love it.

    Better off Dead in Deadwood.

  13. Love your site. You and the other authors I have had the good fortune to meet on face book, do one heck of a job. From the Virginia wilds of the 15 & 1600′s, to Idaho, Oregon and Los Angeles,all of you are quite marvelous. Will be looking forward too reading your newest adventures.

  14. Mrs. Carson aka "Evil Science Teacher" says:

    Better off Dead in Deadwood.

  15. Christie Marks says:

    Oops .. Better Off Dead in Deadwood

  16. Christie Marks says:

    Better Off in Deadwood

  17. Jody Sherin says:

    Better Off Dead in Deadwood

    Your website looks absolutely wonderful, by the way!

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