Look What the Wind Blew In

Look What the Wind Blew In (Book 1)

A headstrong and determined archaeologist.

A tall, dark, and unwelcome photojournalist.

Both are trying to unearth secrets that have been long buried, but an ancient Maya curse threatens to destroy them … unless they can learn to trust each other enough to make it out of the jungle alive.

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Reader Praise for Look What the Wind Blew In

The Write Stuff – Monday, February 16 – Interview With Ann Charles by Raymond Bolton

“Honestly, her books get better and better. Trust me, she will be on an international  best seller list sometime. Ann Charles has what it takes to be a successful story teller right up there with the best. Her books are fun, enjoyable, a little romantic, and exciting. Way to go Ann! You have another great book…!!!” —Liz Schwab


“Romance, mystery,laughter,action, twists and turns….it must be an Ann Charles novel!” —Lee Greschner


“Quint is very much his sister Violet’s brother. Look What the Wind Blew In is another Ann Charles literary hit.” —Samantha Ray


“Reading Look What The Wind Blew In made me want to experience the sultry and mystic Mayan land!” —Jennifer


The first in a new series by author Ann Charles is a five star triumph. Two thumbs up! I couldn’t put it down. Great cast of characters. Adorable Rover will steal your heart. Terrific adventure and mystery set in the steamy Yucatan jungles, deep in ancient temples. You aren’t just reading it, you’re experiencing it. —Timya


This is the first book in Ann Charles’ third series and I’m hooked! Her characters are so fleshed out that I feel like I’ve known them since school. This story takes place in the blaring white heat overlooking an ancient dig site, but that isn’t where all the sweat and steam comes from. Oh, my, no. From the strong, dedicated and determined woman heading the dig, to the deep, dedicated and hunky photojournalist who raises her temp, there are a multitude of untold truths, unseen dangers and inspiring yet knotted histories that slowly unfold. We meet an adorable and busy pet, we learn about the Maya culture and that of the indigenous people where the story takes place, and in the end we are left waiting for book number two, while dreaming about this one. If you haven’t read Ann Charles yet, this is good one to start with. You only need one before you’re reading everything she’s written. —M. Avery


“The problem I have found with Ann Charles books is that once I start reading them, I can’t put them down and her newest book Look What The Wind Blew In from a brand new series titled A Dig Site Mystery was no exception! This story centers around an ancient burial ground of the Mayan people, an archeologist named Angélica García, her father Juan García, who is also an archeologist and one handsome photojournalist Quint Parker who happens to be the brother of Violet Parker from the Deadwood Mystery series by Ms. Charles. There is also a host of other characters that you will come to love. But all these characters written so vividly that you will picture them in your mind all lend so much to this story as it evolves. Every scene is described in detail that you will see the ancient ruins and the deep dark jungle, and you will smell the deliciously described meals prepared by María, the dig’s chief cook. Once the mystery unfolds you will be drawn into the world of discovery…treachery…romance and friendship among all of these magnificent characters who all come together to help solve the ancient secrets that began so very long ago. If you aren’t a fan of Ann’s yet, I guarantee you will be after reading this story which I definitely recommend and also her two other series: the Deadwood Mystery series and Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series. All of which will give you hours of entertainment and enjoyment and leaving you wanting and waiting for the next book to come out! Kudos Ann on once again writing such a wonderfully, entertaining story!” —Denise Keef


“Award-winning author Ann Charles has done it again! I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in her new Dig Site mystery series! Readers familiar with Ms. Charles’ previous work will find similar page turning and often very funny adventure in this newest tale, and those not familiar with her work are in for a surprising treat! Some of you may recognize the main character, Quint Parker, as the photojournalist brother of Ms. Charles’ Deadwood humorous mystery series’ protagonist, Violet Parker. Quint is a handsome fellow with a magnetic personality, especially magnetic for Angélica, the archeologist with whom he is working at a Maya ruins dig. Or IS he  working with her!? Quint and Angélica, along with the rest of the cast of characters, an exotic location, and an ancient curse and mystery made this book impossible to put down! Look What the Wind Blew In and this new series looks to be another winner in Ms. Charles’ already impressive collection of books, including the Deadwood and Jackrabbit Junction humorous mystery series. ” —Deb


Ann Charles has started a new series with this book, Look What The Wind Blew In. As a fan of both her Deadwood and Jackrabbit Junction series I was expecting to enjoy this new one. I started reading in the afternoon and finished that night. It really was a ‘can’t put it down’ book. This series has a man as the main character, the brother to Violet from the Deadwood series. There are a few references to Violet and her children. Its not necessary to have read the Deadwood series but if you haven’t, why? The story takes place on an archaeological Mayan site. Quint is a (hot) photojournalist pretending to take pictures while really looking for answers to an old mystery. Angélica is a beautiful archaeologist, daughter of famous archaeologists, trying to prove something her late mother believed. At the same time she has to keep the university happy to continue funding. Throw in an ex-husband that wants to drop the “ex” part, with whom Quint shares a history on the same site years ago. They really don’t like each other. Did I mention the curse and that the locals that believe it? Could the curse be real? —Toni


I always look forward to new Ann Charles books but was especially excited about this one because it starts another new series. It just gives me one more reason to read her books :) This story is well written and introduces us to a character previously mentioned in other Deadwood books–Violet’s brother Quint. I loved the sneaky references to characters and quirks from others books Ann has written (Quint could have had a friend for Elvis!) If you haven’t had a chance to read any of Ann’s books, I highly recommend doing so—the stories have great depth and create a lot of interest to keep you reading with exciting characters and storylines making her books hard to put down!–Sheila Fry


Look What the Wind Blew In is the first book in Ann Charles’ new Dig Site Mystery series. Her readers enjoy a great plot and equally great characters. Charles gives her readers a new group of characters and plot inviting you to join Dr. Angélica Garcia’s Architectural dig, regardless of location.

Quint Parker, Violet Parker’s brother, is the male protagonist of Charles’ first book of the series. Charles informs her readers of Parker’s history including his multiple reasons for being at the dig site. Readers get to see what going on and know what he is thinking as they are inside Parker’s head. His agenda includes helping his childhood friend Jeff Hughes and his mother find answers to questions they have about Dr. Henry Hughes’ disappearance.  As the plot picks up its pace, Charles adds more information about Quint’s role and enhances what readers are seeing from Quint’s perspective. Readers feel and see why  there is a change of direction of the storyline.

The female protagonist is Dr. Angélica García, the lead archaeologist for the dig. Readers are given details of her back story as well as information about her ex-husband Dr. Jared Steel. As Charles is continually enhancing Angélica’s character, readers are seeing events through her eyes and learn how Quint sees Angélica.

There are support characters helping Quint and Angélica maintain enhancement of the storyline, keeping readers aware of what is going on as the plot changes directions or new problems develop causing problems for the protagonists. In addition to working to maintain a schedule, Angelica and her father are dealing with strange events or occurrences being blamed on a curse. Angélica doesn’t believe in curses or coincidences as each new accident causes members of her crew to leave.

This new series is a unique combination of all of the humor and drama Charles has given her readers in her other series. Look What the Wind Blew In involves readers in the fast moving ever changing plot, introducing them to a cast of unique characters. Each of the characters is well defined and believable. Charles helps readers understand their role in the entire story.  The action starts on page one and continues to keep readers interest until reaching the surprising ending. Look What the Wind Blew In is a must read and I am happy to give it a 5 star ranking. —John Kurtze


A Few Favorite Reader Quotes

“I may be a bitch…but I’m a bitch with a gun. Now stand up, you worthless piece of shit.” —Timya and Denise

Safe is a term I like to use loosely.” —Lucinda

“That place is one dirty sock away from becoming a superfund site”   (Totally made me laugh out loud)!!! —Suzanne

“Lucky me. I have two comedians here to entertain the crew this year. You boys are a regular USO Comedy Tour.” —Phyllis Ketchersid

“All work and no play makes me hot and sweaty, and not in a fun way.”  (it rhymes! and was great!!!) —Suzanne